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Single Knit Flutter Blower

Most thoroughly cleaning through flutter principle

The SINGLE KNIT FLUTTER BLOWER is designed for single knit machines and has an exceptional flutter action to ensure that critical components on the knitting machine are kept absolutely clean. This blower greatly reduces fly fibres, fibre waste, lint and dust deposits on critical machine parts.

The fluttering output tubes clean much more thoroughly than conventional nozzle cleaners. The slow, uniform rotating movement of the blower is independent of machine speed. The fluttering action ensures thorough cleaning even on highspeed knitting machines. The system is particularly efficient on machines processing cotton and elastane.


  • ​The SINGLE KNIT FLUTTER BLOWER can be used in combination with a high-pressure AIR SEQUENCER controlling six outlets. Flutter blowers consume 66 % less air than conventional blowers
  • The FLUTTER BLOWER ensures that the working area around the machine is completely free from lint
  • Solid, strong construction guarantees a long service life for the unit
  • Cost-effective cleaning system for yarn guides on knitting machines
  • Exceptional cleaning power on knitting machines
  • Great savings in compressed air consumption
  • Efficient, cost-effective cleaning system


  • ​Circular knitting machines