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Single Knit Flutter Blower Components


The FLUTTER BLOWER is an exceptionally efficient blower for cleaning critical knitting points.

LINT BUSTER (optional)

The LINT BUSTER has a very thin blower surface which covers an angle of 70 degree. The LINT BUSTER will even keep high yarn guides clean.

COMB BLOWER (optional)

COMB BLOWERS are very flexible and can be individually adjusted to match the knitting component to be cleaned. Using the two adjustable nozzles ensures an effective cleaning action.

AIR SEQUENCER (optional)

The FLUTTER BLOWER is a high-efficiency unit and each tube only requires a supply of compressed air for 10 seconds every minute. The AIR SEQUENCER is designed to provide the intermittent air supply required. The AIR SEQUENCER supplies air to each of the six blower outlets for the time required at preset time intervals. The cleaning intervals are set using the timer. The cleaning unit ensures that the knitting machine is kept exceptionally clean. This system enables great savings in compressed air consumption.