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Projectile ECO Lubricator

Compact, stable and polution free

The PROJECTILE ECO lubricator provides uniform lubrication to needles, cam tracks, lifters and other knitting machine components. The patented nozzle construction separates the air-oil mixture into air and droplets of oil. This method considerably reduces oil mist in the knitting workshop and ensures that the oil only goes to the components to be lubricated.

The PROJECTILE ECO lubricator is compact and strong to ensure a long service life.


  • ​The patented atomizing and nozzle system enables a major reduction in compressed air consumption. This enables considerable savings in power and operating costs
  • The PROJECTILE ECO supplies each of the 16 lubrication points with the exactly the same amount of oil
  • Strong construction
  • No oil mist health hazard in production areas
  • The UNIWAVE lubricator meets the quality standards of Europe, USA and Asia


  • ​Circular knitting machines