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Double Knit Flutter Blower

Most effective cleaning for double knit machines

The DOUBLE KNIT FLUTTER BLOWER is designed for double knit machines and has an exceptional flutter action to ensure that critical components of the knitting machine are kept absolutely clean. Compressed air at a controlled pressure flows from the air distributor through distributor hoses to the individual FLUTTER BLOWER tubes. The FLUTTER BLOWERS are positioned in a circle around the machine. The blower nozzles operate one at a time in sequence. Only one blower operates at a time. These features combine to provide an exceptionally effective cleaning action.

The fluttering action of the blower is unpredictable which means that the knitting components are blown from a variety of angles. The FLUTTER BLOWER cleans much more thoroughly than conventional nozzle cleaner systems.


  • ​The DOUBLE KNIT FLUTTER BLOWER ensures that the working area around the machine is completely free from lint
  • Solid, strong construction guarantees a long service life for the unit
  • Cost-effective cleaning system for yarn guides on knitting machines
  • Exceptional cleaning power on knitting machines
  • Cleaning interval set can be set to 40 or 54 seconds
  • The AIR SEQUENCER operates each FLUTTER BLOWER individually for 1.75 seconds
  • High compressed air savings
  • Efficient, cost-effective cleaning system


  • ​Circular knitting machines